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Mimushi – Sumos aus Holz


Mimushi heißt eine Linie von hözernen Sammelfiguren, die eine umweltfreundliche Alternative zu den Vinylsammelfiguren. Die nachhaltigen Mimushi Sumos sind rein aus natürlichen Materialien und in Handarbeit gefertigt, weshalb auch jeder ein Unikat ist. Erklärendes zum Mimushi-Character von mimushi.com:

mimushi is a sumo kid who was adopted by American parents, and who developed an identity crisis so strong, that it froze him at the age of 3. He cannot escape it; therefore his psyche creates endless amounts of personalities, which he embodies in different forms, shapes and personas. Some live solely in his brain, others he’s able to act out, but worse of all, they get to meet each other at intersections that cause him to split himself into several personalities at a time. Sometimes a geisha, sometimes a hulkster, sometimes even a rasta… his most predominant personality to date is a sumo ( 相撲); but instead of wearing the  廻し (mawashi or sumo wrestling belt) he wears different sorts of  おむつ (diapers)!

mimushi in sushi garden Quelle: mimushi.com

mimushi in sushi garden Quelle: mimushi.com

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