Strick’n Trink – KnittingBar

Eine ganz bestrickende Einladung erreichte uns heute per Mail, die wir dem geneigten Leser ans Herz legen möchten. Morgen findet im SystM die Veranstaltung StrickenBar statt. Aber lest selbst:

STRICKENBAR # 14 @ systM
17.11.2010  from  6 PM
We don’t like knitting in front of a cheminey, with a cup of tea…
we prefer knitting in bars and clubs with cocktails!
Your dream is to learn knitting? make it real thanks to the StrickenBar
your dream is to have a drink surrounding by people knitting? make it also real!
We have an open wool bar waiting for you: grab needles and wool and let’s start!
Don’t be shy and step by the SystM bar witch is also an art gallery.
It’s all for free – and you may risk to meet great people there

SystM bar
Torstrasse 68.
wednesday 17th nov.
from 6pm to midnight

Delikate Cocktails und private Wollverarbeitung – ein begeisterungswürdiges Beispiel gelungener Crossover-Kultur.

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5 Antworten zu “Strick’n Trink – KnittingBar

  1. oh! thanks a lot!!
    great shop by the way – i didnt know you were doing so many things :)

    hope to see you tomorow!

  2. Ist doch eine nette Idee. Wenn das bei uns wäre, wäre meine Frau bestimmt dabei.

  3. great idea. maybe i will come….

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  5. Great! Would love to come but its quite a long way from Nottingham…
    We definitely need mre of this!

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