Tagesarchiv: 08/10/2011

Damenbinden-Baum ‚Winged Tree‘ – von Luzinterruptus

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Das spanische Kreativ-Kollektiv ‚Luzinterruptus‚ mit dem speziellen Faible für Interventionen im öffentlichen Raum, haben wir hier schon mehrfach und immer wieder gern erwähnt.

Diesmal möchten wir auf deren Projekt ‚Arbol alado/Winged tree‘ aufmerksam machen, das im Grunde aus einem Damenbinden-Baum in voller Blüte besteht.

Luzinterruptus dazu:
“It is bothersome to see how advertising campaigns change the appearance of things so as to adapt them to their own interests, and by seeing from this point of view we feel inclined to buying the products or services advertised. It is the case of sanitary towels, for instance, which are advertised as ethereal, light, inmaculate, odorless and beautiful. But the red colour is never present and it is replaced by blue drops that fall as if it were rain on them. The slogan for the advertising campaign of sanitary towels called “Ausonia makes you feel free” (Ausonia te da alas) shows young women floating merrily in the air and the days on which they must use this item. It became an inspiration for our proposal Cellulose wings and for just this time we have believed the message and we have turned this object – so annoying to use – into a much more oneiric, pure and delicate.”

all fotos by Gustavo Sanabria
via rebel:art