Tagesarchiv: 10/17/2011

Baumringe in Tinte auf Papier von Tony Hong

Verehrte Liebhaber der grafischen Künste, sehen Sie hier eine unfassbar aufwändige Arbeit von Tony Hong – ‚Treerings‘ von Hand mit Tinte auf Papier gezeichnet.
Und lesen Sie auch die Anmerkung des Künstlers selbst zu seinem Werk:

No. 2: It took a while but he finally learned he had nothing to hide.

Practically every piece begins with me asking myself if I can even do it. The more ludicrous the thought, the more audacious the attempt becomes. How long would it take if I did a tree rings piece that bled over an 18″ x 24″ panel? No. 2 was also spurred on by an older rings piece (No. 1) that I wasn’t too pleased with. When I finished it, I felt like the shit for finishing a 14″ diameter tree ring. In time, I took a step back, and realized I could have put so much more into it. No. 2 is my response to all of that.

via thisiscolossal.com