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schoener.waers.wenns.schoener.waer – store of the week bei SHOPIKON Berlin

Hossa, schoener.waers.wenns.schoener.waer ist ’store of the week‘ bei SHOPIKON. Und das vollkommen zu recht, wie wir finden. Entgegen aller Vorurteile: Eigenlob duftet ganz hervorragend und stinkt kein bißchen.

Born out of the idealism of designers and friends Sylke Rademacher and Nicole Bednarzyk, schoener.waers.wenns.schoener.waer is an emporium that celebrates sustainable design and products. The two visionary designers began their popular blog in 2009 and soon found an ideal setting for their shop amongst the forward-thinking and green fingered community surrounding Moritzplatz. An inspired range of gifts, stationary and homewards include their own brand of delightful cork stamps, allowing you to customize your own cards. You can pick up handmade greeting cards, cute keyring notebooks made from printer’s offcuts and beautiful bamboo kitchenware. These innovative goods in combination with a selection of sustainable design books ensure a regular trickle of shoppers and local creatives with a social conscience. An interesting touch is the addition of labels to many of the products which show the origin and production method. This means a visit to schoener.waers.wenns.schoener.waer is both a pleasure and an education.

viaSchoener Waers Wenns Schoener Waer – Shopikon Berlin.