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Tannenzapfenstreich – D.I.Y.-Weihnachtsdeko von Amy Merrick

Sometimes red and green flashing lights and an inflatable Santa perched on your roof are the best way to decorate for the holidays. Sometimes not. For those not times, I find myself really attracted to natural trimmings that don’t scream Christmas. Added bonus, your shame is lessened when you don’t get around to taking them down until January, okay, February 15th. Heck, keep um up all year. I won’t tell.  – Amy Merrick

I’ve been seeing several varieties of pine cone garlands in shops this year, they are really easy to make and a long lasting alternative to the classic but temporary white pine roping that dominates in December. To make a 6 foot garland, you’ll need about 75 pinecones, wire (I used this paper wrapped variety that looks like twine) and a length of jute twine.

Start by cutting 4″ long lengths of wire and wiring each pinecone at the top by simply wrapping the wire around the cone once, so that the wire goes under the ridges.

Take a piece of thicker twine and knot a loop at the top. Then attach your pinecones, tightly twisting the wire as you would a twist tie. Travel down the twine, catching the previous cone’s wire with your next twist.

Continue for way longer than you would anticipate it taking. A movies worth of work, so pop in It’s a Wonderful Life and get stringing.

Danke für diese schöne und doch ökologisch korrekte Weihnachtsdeko-Inspiration an Design*Sponge und Amy Merrick!

via Design*Sponge